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Free Battery Check
Why won't my car start?

Faulty or flat batteries are the most common cause of vehicles breaking down and failing to start! During very cold periods of weather breakdown organisation such as the RAC and the AA can replace up to 1200 batteries a day.

Why do batteries go flat?

The main reason batteries go flat is because:

  • The battery is faulty and needs to be replaced
  • Something has been left on and drained the battery
  • The vehicle has been used infrequently for short journeys and has not had sufficient journey-time to recharge the battery
  • The vehicle has a fault with the charging system

Short journeys and lack of use will shorten the life of a battery and batteries can fail as a result of extremes of temperature and overcharging.

Free battery testing

We offer a free battery testing service where no appointment is necessary, so just drop in for a 'peace of mind' battery test.

We test the battery's state of charge, start capacity, determine the overall condition of the battery and identify problems such as cell short circuit.

While we are testing the battery we will test the alternator's charging capacity, loaded and unloaded and provide full print outs of both battery and alternator condition.

Should your battery need to be replaced we can supply and fit a high quality Bosch replacement battery offering a 3 or 4-year warranty. If we identify any other issues with your car's charging system we will advise you of the associated repair costs.


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